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Molly Ackerman has both the American as the Dutch nationality. She lives in Leiden and has lived in New York and Woodstock. Molly studied at the famous Art Students League in New York and was an assistant for Richard Poussette-Dart, a leading artist in the United States for many decades and a member of the historic group Abstract Expressionist painters of the New York School with Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell and Barnet Newman. Molly had more than 30 solo and numerous group exhibitions in New York/Woodstock, London, Chiang Mai (Thailand), St. Petersburg, Budapest, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Leiden & Den Haag. Molly’s unique art is a magical blend of nature. She uses wood, grass, metal, rice paper, or sand and marble sprinkled like gold dust, to create truly impressive textural paintings, while she is losing herself in the act of painting. Her paintings have been described as ‘ethereal brooding, powerful, yet disciplined, and containing a contagious sense of freedom’. 


 Come and see for yourself!

BEAUTY                     202 x 96 cm                       ©2015

155 x 155 cm              ‘Safe Haven’                   ©2014

  Hope               ©2015


(work space)

Utrechtse Jaagpad 122 b

2314 AV Leiden Holland




(exhibition space)

Nieuwe Rijn 94

2312 JM Leiden Holland







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